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Les Vins de Vienne Saint-Péray Hommage 1829 2013

Land: Frankrig
Region: Rhône
Drue: Methode Traditionelle
Allergifremkaldende stoffer: indeholder sulfitter


 af pærer af honning... kvæde
Les Vins de Vienne Saint-Péray Hommage 1829 2013
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The vineyard dates back to the Roman era, but only really developed as of the 15th century....mere
Produktinformationer "Les Vins de Vienne Saint-Péray Hommage 1829 2013"
The vineyard dates back to the Roman era, but only really developed as of the 15th century. During the French Revolution, the name - Saint Peret was prohibited and replaced by ?Peret white wine?. The appellation is traditionally available in white, including a high percentage of sparkling wines. But over the past dozen years, still wine sales have increased, which is of little surprise as the category is well-suited to this terroir.

The vineyard is situated on the Rhone?s right bank within the districts of Saint Peray and Toulaud in the Ardeche administrative area. Its topography is unusual with some of the vines on slopes and others situated in a deep valley. The appellation marks the border between the northern and southern Cotes du Rhone growing region. This warm region benefits from a microclimate that brings freshness, thereby favoring the elaboration of great white wines. Soils made up of a granite base altereted with saprolite.

Saint-Péray Efferves cent Hommage 1829 Saint-Péray dates back to the Roman Empire and was served at the dining room table of the Kings of France.
Local winegrower, Louis-Alexandre Faure, developed a sparkling wine in 1826. As a result, the first cork of sparkling Saint-Péray was popped at the foot of Chateau de Crussol in 1829. During the 19th century, Saint-Péray reached the pinnacle of its popularity. The whole of Europe relished this white wine, most especially its sparkling version, that was served at the banquets of the greatest monarchs, from the Tsars of Russia through to Queen Victoria.
"Les Vins de Vienne Saint-Péray Hommage 1829 2013"
Les Vins De Vienne, 42410 Chavanay, Frankreich
alcoholic beverage (white wine)
100 % Marsanne
Vin type: Mousserende vine
Land: Frankrig
Region: Rhône
Smag: brut
Drue: Methode Traditionelle
Aromaer: ... kvæde, af honning, af pærer
Rest sukker: >brut
Allergifremkaldende stoffer: indeholder sulfitter
Lukning: Kork
Årgang: 2013
Alkohol: 13 %