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Dreissigacker Bechtheimer Riesling 2015

Land: Tyskland
Region: Rheinhessen
Drue: Riesling
Allergifremkaldende stoffer: indeholder sulfitter


veganerøkologisk vin

Bio Control Number: DE-ÖKO-022**


... Mineral/sten af citrusfrugter af krydderurter
Dreissigacker Bechtheimer Riesling 2015
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Op voorraad vanaf 29.10.2020

Bio Control Number: DE-ÖKO-022**

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Daredevil, clear, vivid, ambitious. Offensive nose, seems to be quite close to explosure....mere
Produktinformationer "Dreissigacker Bechtheimer Riesling 2015"

Daredevil, clear, vivid, ambitious.

Offensive nose, seems to be quite close to explosure. Contains ripe citrus fruits, fresh herbs, some minerals. Pure juice, again with a wide range of aromas from fresh herbs to intensive citrus fruit, in addition a living acid, everything well integrated. A powerful appearance of compact structure, on the palate mineral. Many citrus fruit with spicy tough appear during the finish.

Jochen Dreissigacker took over the vineyard from his parents. His ecology and careful contact with the natural resources had changed bit by bit the face of the ground. In the meantime some of his wines were upgraded by the public opinion. "This pleases me very much and helps me to win: thrilling, wines even square now and then in prominent quality", writes Jochen Dreissigacker. With the winegrower`s union "message in a bottle" he and other young winegrowers spread their philosophy straight through the area.

"Dreissigacker Bechtheimer Riesling 2015"
enjoy at 8-12°C,
Dreissigacker, 67595 Bechtheim, Deutschland
alcoholic beverage (white wine)
Vin type: Hvidvine
Land: Tyskland
Region: Rheinhessen
Smag: tør
Drue: Riesling
Aromaer: ... Mineral/sten, af citrusfrugter, af krydderurter
Syreindhold: 7,6g/Liter
Rest sukker: >2 g/Liter
Allergifremkaldende stoffer: indeholder sulfitter
Lukning: Kork
Årgang: 2015
Vin producent: Jochen Dreissigacker
Alkohol: 13 %