Bouvet Ladubay Excellence Rosé

Land: Frankrig
Region: Loire
Drue: Crémant
Allergifremkaldende stoffer: indeholder Sulfitter




Wine Spectator 87 Points


 Solbær/Cassis af hindbær af fersken af jordbær... kvæde
Bouvet Ladubay Excellence Rosé
114,79 DKK * (3,43% sparet) 110,85 DKK *
0.75 Liter (147,80 DKK * / 1 Liter)

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▪▪▪ 1-3 hverdage
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Flattering colour with hints of salmonpink and ?partridgeeye?. Very fine bubbles and a ripeberry...mere
Produktinformationer "Bouvet Ladubay Excellence Rosé"
Flattering colour with hints of salmonpink and ?partridgeeye?.
Very fine bubbles and a ripeberry bouquet with redcurrant and long lasting aroma of
Cabernet structures the palate with hints of blackcurrant and quince. A distinguished wine, well bred and with balanced tannins typical of the Cabernet rosé with plenty of fruit and lingering flavour.

Vineyards : Selected exclusively from Anjou and Touraine?s AOC vineyards.
Wine making : Grape pressing is monitored at the vineyards. Chosen colour obtained via a rapid maceration of the skins. Grapejuice
is delivered directly to our cellars. First fermentation is conducted in new oak barrels
Maturation : The wines are racked, chilled to stabilize and filtered before bottling
Second fermentation :
Selected wines are blended and the cuvee is bottled for the second
fermentation in our limestone cellars following the traditional method.
The bottles are riddled to settle the lees in the bottleneck. The lees are
then removed in the characteristic process of freezing and disgorging.
The wine is dosed as brut.
"Bouvet Ladubay Excellence Rosé"
enjoy at 6-8°C, good perlage,
Salaten, Desserts, einfach solo.
Bouvet Ladubay, 49412 Saumur Cedex, Frankreich
alcoholic beverage (sparkling wine)
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Bouvet Ladubay Excellence Cremant de Loire Brut Rosé
  • Wine Spectator: 87 Punkte
Vin type: Mousserende vine
Land: Frankrig
Region: Loire
Smag: brut
Drue: Crémant
Aromaer: ... kvæde, af fersken, af hindbær, af jordbær, Solbær/Cassis
Allergifremkaldende stoffer: indeholder Sulfitter
Lukning: Kork
Årgang: non-vintage
Alkohol: 12,5 %